The Project

The Lockerbie Old School Community Hub is run by a committee of volunteers working towards creating a community center for Lockerbie. By purchasing the Old School communally, the committee aims to create a not for profit but financially viable venue where the people of Lockerbie can gather, learn and exchange.

The vision is to see the currently vacant building brought back into use as a community hub. The Old
School building presents an opportunity to create a new community facility providing space for a wide
range of activities providing employment, volunteering opportunities and educational and social
opportunities for the people of Lockerbie and for visitors to the town.

The aspiration is to create a multi-use facility for the town to include:

• space for community and social activities
• space for arts, performance and heritage
• space for business and office services
• space for visitor accommodation

We hope to build a community center that will have something to offer for everyone and that will bring people closer together

Business case

The community enterprise organisation has worked on a business case for the Lockerbie Old School community hub.

The service areas to be developed for inclusion in the new multi-use Old School facility are:
• Space for community and social activities
• Space for young people, particularly teenagers
• Space for families and older people
• Space for arts, theatre, music, etc.
• Small business / start up space for people who want to start their own business, particularly young people who would not otherwise have the chance.
• Space to hire for training and educational and leisure classes and activities
• Workshop space for arts and crafts – clean and messy – and for trades/ training
• A Men’s Shed
• A community café – either run as a training programme for young people or leased out, purely to generate guaranteed income
• Heritage and history and display space
• Bunkhouse style accommodation to attract visitors to the area.

The intention is to keep running costs to a minimum.

More information in the following document : los-business-case-final-august-2016.pdf

Feasibility Report

Lockerbie Old School Community Hub Feasibility Report
For Lockerbie Old School Committee
By John Gilbert Architects and Reid Associates
Issued August 2016

Lockerbie Old School committee wish to develop a viable project that will see the currently vacant building brought back into use as a community hub. The committee canvassed opinions and ideas from the local community to develop a wish list of potential uses that could be accommodated within the building, these were handed over
to the design and business planning team.

The full report can be found here. 160615_lockerbie-old-school_report-_final.pdf